About Us

Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. was established in 2006 and since then has been consistently working with clients to increase their fill rate and meet staffing requirements.  Our agency takes pride in its high success rate as a provider of medical staffing solutions for healthcare companies in Orange County.

We take pride in our operations that integrate patient and client satisfaction as determinants in the efficiency of our services.  Ultimately, we gauge our performance on the satisfaction level of those we serve.  This dedicated focus in client service quality has made our company a benchmark for many other staffing services providers in the industry.

Our People

Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. partners with our clients to deliver safe and high quality patient care, that is why we only employ highly skilled Registered Nurses (RNs) specializing in Cardiac Cath.  Lab, ICU, PACU, Tele/DOU, bedside PICC line insertion; Radiology Technologists (RT) and Cardiovascular Scrub Techs (CVT) who have many years of acute care experience.

Our healthcare professionals have complied with rigorous requirements in order to initially qualify as a candidate at Cardiac Care Staffing.  Our requirements for applicants are very likely to be the same requirements that you have set for your own staff.  When a healthcare professional from Cardiac Care Staffing arrives at your facility, you can be confident that he or she has the latest credentials and will perform competently in his or her field of specialization.

Quality Service

Our healthcare professionals are prepared and possess the characteristics that exemplify the quality we seek of Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. employees.  We provide service-oriented employees who demonstrate their adaptability, competency, and professionalism for client satisfaction.

We deliver a quality of service based on ability, capability, and skills that reflects a foundation of commitment to client satisfaction.  We recognize the ever-changing healthcare environment and value the diverse potential it holds.

Our Priorities

We are dedicated to each organization that we serve and exemplify this with the priorities of our agency.  These priorities include:

  • Being the kind of company you want to represent your interest.
  • Obtaining highly experienced and competent healthcare providers.
  • Acknowledging your clinical and operational issues.
  • Being ready with our response to provide the services and support your request.
  • Knowing we can and will assign the skill-matched individual.
  • Being trusted as valued support.
  • Working diligently to merit client satisfaction.

The Solution

The true partnership between you and Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. enhances the focus of quality care and improved patient safety.  When you partner with us, your endless efforts to find quality supplemental staff are diminished, allowing you to get back to your core business, the business of patient care.

We lead the way towards higher standards of patient care.  If you seek quality staffing solutions, you will find it at Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc.

Call 949-226-2538 and talk to an account executive or the human resource department for more information.

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