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Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. is a state recognized leader in medical staffing services.  As a 24-hour healthcare staffing agency, our goal is not just to provide supplemental staff, but to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your staffing needs, whether short term or long term.  We respond to the immediate, temporary and permanent staffing needs of medical facilities, clinics and rehabilitation centers in the community.  At present, Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. is contracted to provide services to about thirteen (13) hospitals, among which are West Anaheim Medical Center and Huntington Beach Hospital.

We give great weight to effectively matching our clients with the most suitable care professional in our team.  We know that clients are receptive when they work with individuals who understand their situation and are willing to do what it takes to meet their needs.  Cardiac Care Staffing only maintains nurses, care professionals and radiology staff who are qualified and competent.

Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. works with medical/healthcare companies who have a high standard for quality.  It doesn’t matter if you only need our services for the holidays when you need back-up temporary staffing or when you’re looking for key personnel to fill significant positions in your organization.  Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. knows that to earn and keep your trust in our company, we have to provide you with outstanding professionals who will walk the extra mile to give you excellent customer service every single time.

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Radiology Staff / RN (Registered Nurse)

Our Bedside PICC Line Placement by RN
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