Exceeding The Joint Commission Standards

Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. has achieved the Gold Seal of Approvalâ„¢ for health care staffing services certification from The Joint Commission.

Being Joint Commission Certified, Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. consistently exceeds The Joint Commission standards.  We are committed to providing continuous quality services, and we ensure that exceptional processes are in place to effectively meet your needs each and every time with experienced and clinically competent healthcare professionals.

Our healthcare professionals meet rigorous requirements in order to qualify as employees, typically the same requirements that you have established for your own staff.  When a Cardiac Care Staffing, Inc. healthcare professional arrives at your facility, you can be assured that healthcare professional has up-to-date credentials, is competent, and is ready to work in the specific position you defined.

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Radiology Staff / RN (Registered Nurse)

Our Bedside PICC Line Placement by RN
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